MALAIKA - short film by Soma Helmi

A young girl moves half way around the world with her mother, to a remote house in Bali. There, on her 17th birthday, she discovers that she is not all human.

Shot over 4 days on a budget of $300. This short is a teaser of sorts for a feature length film I have in mind and would like to produce...

For more info and behind the scenes photos, check out my Facebook page:

Starring: Sandrayati Fay, Maya Yonika, Isaac Lubow
Writter/Director/Producer: Soma Helmi
Executive Producer: Liang Tjoa
Co-Produced: Natasha Wilson, Sara Buhring Nurchis
Camera: Natasha Wilson, Raditya Santosa, Soma Helmi
Editor/Color Grader: Soma Helmi
Music: Stephen Harwood Jr
Sound Engineer: Xavier Ng
Hair & Makeup: Monica M Lawton

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