11 Apr 2012

1. Extended Class Supported by default

In JA Wall, we use some extended class to style for items. The extended class is used to define width size of item (grid-double, grid-triple) or color (dark, purple ...) ...

Note: the extended class are defined for each style so there are some extended class that can not be used in some styles. Example: the extended class purple is only applied for style: teen_life.

10 Apr 2012

I. JA Extensions Configuration

1. JA Social Feed Plugin

This plugin is to get content from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Content will be stored as joomla articles or k2 articles.The configuration detail of this plugin is in the JA Wall Insight #2: Social Feed integrates content automatically from Facebook - Twitter - Youtube

09 Apr 2012

JA Wall is responsive template then in each layout, the module position changes. Some module positions can be displayed in one layout but is not displayed in an other layout.

08 Apr 2012

JA Wall template uses FeedGator component to import RSS Feed, store as Joomla/K2 content then display it in front-end.

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