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JA Wall Insight #8: Extended Class

In JA Wall, we use some extended class to style for items. The extended class is used to define width size of item (grid-double, grid-triple) or color (dark, purple ...) ...

JA Wall Insight #12: How To Add Advertisement

We see that many of you need a block for advertisement or display modules in your site. Now it's very easy for you to do that with new feature updated in version 1.0.7.

JA Wall Insight #6: Module Configuration

1. Main menu
Firstly, you must create Top menu items then you create Menu module to show as demo

JA Wall Userguide

1. Important Notes:

JA Wall Insight #2: System Requirement

I. System Requirement.

JA Wall Insight #11: FeedGator Configuration

JA Wall template uses FeedGator component to import RSS Feed, store as Joomla/K2 content then display it in front-end.

JA Wall Insight #10: Module Position

JA Wall is responsive template then in each layout, the module position changes. Some module positions can be displayed in one layout but is not displayed in an other layout.

I. JA Extensions Configuration
1. JA Social Feed Plugin

JA Wall template uses JA Social Feed plug-in which allows users to get content automatically from Social media sites including: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo and Flickr.