Support Tips

Support Tips

The introduction of our new support system has proven to be a great asset in helping people seeking answers to their questions. Today we want to share some thoughts on how it could be even better.

In case you have a question there are two possibilities: If you have a membership or account issue, please send us an email. In any other case - be it a technical issue, a bug report or a general question - the support section on our website is the way to go! With regards to the use of that support tool we came up with a short guideline for you.

1. It's all about questions and answers

One question - some answers - one accepted answer. That is our idea of the perfect support dialogue. We replaced the old forum because important information tends to get lost in lengthy discussion threads. Help us create the perfect knowledge collection!

2. Edit a lot

Do not be afraid to edit your questions and answers if you have something to add or something to be corrected. In that way information stays in one place instead of being split amongst several answers.

If you have something to add to your question - it still belongs to the question and should not be posted as an answer. We often search for questions without any answers and if you post further information as answers to your own question it may slip through the cracks.

If someone edits a question or an answer all people involved will be notified by mail. No need to add a new answer.

3. Vote a lot

Support Tips

If you agree with someone's post, vote it up instead of writing "me too" or "+1". These kind of comments are no real answers. If you stick to voting instead of commenting, the conversation will be more relevant on the website. We prioritize and help questions with many votes faster! If you post answers like “+1” instead of voting it has the opposite effect: We may think that there are already a lot of useful answers to the question.

Also don't forget to vote useful answers up!

4. Hide information if you need to

Support Tips

Very often it's easier for us to fix a problem if we've got it right in front of our eyes. In case you don't want your current development URL to be visible to the public or there is credential login data involved, simply use the "hidden information" field right below your question. All information in there will be visible to our support team only.

5. Accept an answer

Support Tips

Your problem has been solved? Perfect! Now just accept the right answer so others with the same problem can benefit. Not to forget, accepting an answer is your way of giving credit to the person that helped you. It will motivate him to help you next time again.

6. One question per question

As simple as it sounds: If you have more than one problem, ask multiple questions, instead of putting a whole bunch of questions into one question. If your question only focuses on one issue at the time it is more likely that your question will be voted up by someone with the same issue. This will get you help faster!

7. Use tags

Use tags

Please add tags to all your questions. By doing that you provide important information that helps us to understand your issue and allows us to respond as quickly as possible. Note that "General Question" is the one tag you should only use if it is not a technical question about Zoo, Widgetkit or the themes at all.

Please check our support system's help guide for more details. We also provide an extensive documentation that already describes and solves most common issues.

Following these steps will help us and others to help you.

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