Are you the winner of iPad2 ?

Updated : 13th Dec 2011: The iPad2 finally found its way to Gev and he is currently checking us out via his new toy on a daily basic.

I was surprised. It was really unbelievable. Thanks a lot to JoomlArt, for the great gift on Christmas

-- Gev Balyan

Are you the winner of iPad2 ?

A picture of Gev with the iPad 2 from his Facebook picture that we got tagged on.

Although, we encountered several unexpected difficulties while processing the delivery of the Ipad2 to Gev's location, it was made possible with active support from Gev himself and others. Thanks guys for your support.

2011 has been an awesome year and on Thanksgiving we decided to thank you guys with a fun Lucky Draw for an iPad2 .

Aloha! The time has come for us to reveal the winner of the JoomlArt Ipad2 Contest!.

Congratulations to Gev Balyan !!!!

We’ll be sending your new toy to play with ;)! I guess you should stay of home often in the next few days... Wouldn’t wanna miss the iPad 2 ;)!!! How the winner got selected??? The steps are shown in the video below; those were recorded LIVE.. yup LIVE!

It took us 5 hours to get this job done! But it was so much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

For those who didn't win this time, no worries! Stay tuned for the next giveaway! It will come sooner than you expect!

Happy Holiday guys!
See you in the next giveaway!

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