Mail System Problems

We recently discovered that one of our web-servers was misconfigured and was not sending emails from the "contact form" to our mail system. This went unnoticed for several weeks because the other web-servers were configured properly, and we were getting the majority of mail that was sent. However, this means that some email was not sent properly, and only now have we received them en-masse.

If you contacted us and did not receive a reply, hopefully you were able to reach us either via one of our other web-servers, directly via email, Facebook, or Twitter etc. to resolve your issue.

This issue is now resolved and all emails should be reaching us promptly. If you tried to contact us but never received a reply, please try to contact us again and we will try to resolve your question or issue to the best of our ability

We are terribly sorry that this happened, and apologize profusely for not returning your email in a timely fashion.


Andy Miller
CEO / Founder
RocketTheme, LLC

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