Warp 6 Master Theme

Warp 6 Master Theme

Today we want to introduce the Warp Master theme, which is the basic theme powered by our Warp theme framework. This theme is for everyone who loves to create beautiful themes as much as we do. It is the same great framework we use for our own themes! This Master theme is optimized and streamlined to serve as a blueprint to build your very own custom theme. The best part is you get it for free!

Yet another theme framework?

... you might think. Warp is a lightweight theme framework we designed for developers by focusing on simplicity and usability. It's a solid tool set which assists you in solving repetitive tasks when creating themes. By design it works with different CMS systems like Joomla or WordPress and can even be extended to support others. It also covers all aspects in theme development and uses the latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.2+ and jQuery. The latest major version 6 was released last year and has been updated frequently with new features, bug fixes and improvements. Finally everyone who wants to catch up on all the framework essentials make sure to check out the official Warp page, our Warp blog series and the Warp documentation.

Where can I get it?

The Master theme including the latest Warp theme framework is available as a free download on our theme download page. Start right away by downloading the theme package for Joomla or Wordpress. The Master theme is GPL licensed like other popular open source software such as Joomla and WordPress. It means you are free to modify and redistribute your own custom theme with the same license. What are you waiting for, just head over to our downloads and enjoy working with our Warp Master theme!

Read at Yootheme http://www.yootheme.com/component/blog/2012/02/13/master-theme

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