SATURDAY SHOW THINGY!!!...that totally isn't a thingy yet.

Welcome to the Saturday Show that may or may not be a thing. Give the video some like button love if you want this to be a normal part of the channel every week. Also be sure to check out this video afterwards. You'll love it :) Today I: 1. Announced who got pelted in the face from the Monday through Thursday shows. 2. Responded to comments from each of the shows. If you missed one here are the links Monday- Tuesday- Wednesday- Thursday- 3. Talked about you checking out a new show I'm on and just created called "The New Movie Thing Show" that I think you will really love: 4. Told you how to possibly become the BAMF of the week by uploading a picture on 5. Ended with some sweet Ronald Jenkees music and asked you to leave a question in the comments or send in a video response if you want me to answer it.

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